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Summerhayes chalk notes BWleigh

I am kind of an amateur graphic designer.  I have no formal training, and I am not that great at most design aspects, but I sure do love to mess around with typography on Photoshop and Pixelmator and iDraw.

I think everyone is probably familiar with the Martha Summerhayes quote “I had cast my lot with a soldier, and where he was, was home to me.”  It’s been used all over the place, and I imagine you’ve seen it somewhere, at some point.  So the use of this quote in and of itself is not supposed to be the creative part of this post.

You see, I have been trying to teach myself to do chalkboard art.  Watching tutorials and playing around with quotes.  Chalkboard art lends itself very nicely to my obsession with typography and fonts.  But, unfortunately, it is a very tricky technique to master.  There are so many ways to do it, and, sadly, none of them seem to work 100% for me.

I keep trying, though!  And….now I am happy enough with this latest attempt that I am willing to share!  Just click the image at the top of this post and save it.  The size that I used is the VistaPrint notecard size, so if you are interested in ordering some notecards, you are already set! (I can’t believe I used that particular size, because, to be honest, I am a little irritated with VistaPrint right now.  But that’s a long story…)

Anyhow, I’m not sure if this one is necessarily “print and frame” worthy, but you could definitely make some cute cards or tags with it!



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