Sweet Hostess Gift!

Lemons are for


I love it when people send me great ideas!

I just got this fabulous idea for a hostess gift, along with some really amazing photos from Melinda Garcia down in Fort Bliss, Texas!

Melinda writes:  I received this great hostess gift and wanted to share it with others. My co-hostess received it in a pitcher, so anything is possible. I think this would also be a great welcome gift and would just have to add our family’s information on the back of the card. I am currently waiting for it to chill and can’t wait to drink my fresh lemonade!

Lemonade jarCP4A0587

What a fantastic gift, and a great way to beat that Texas Heat!

By the way, these are the best two photos that you are ever going to see on this website!  Melinda is a very talented professional photographer, and I strongly urge you to check out her Facebook Page Right Here!  Thanks for Sharing, MG!

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Lemonade Recipe
BONUS!!  I didn’t want to copy completely and share someone else graphic, so I created a new one to share here.  BUT…I used my own recipe. And it is slightly different, most notably because it calls for 1 lime.  You can get my graphic sheet right here for FREE!!  And don’t be afraid to send some pictures if you use this idea.  It’s fun to see how different people make each idea their own!

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