Finally! It’s Pillow Time!

Pillow Top pic

Soooo…. It’s been over a month since I decided to seek out a new printer for my pillow designs.

And, as a way to check out the quality and service of the printer I chose, I decided to have a contest and get somebody else’s ideas printed on some fabric.

That part worked out great!  Thanks for all of your e-mails with great ideas!!

But then there were some…issues

Well, I had issues.  Digital-type issues.  File saving issues.  File sharing issues.  And it took a few weeks to work them out.  But now that everything is straight, and the designs have been printed, and the pillows have been sewn and stuffed and fluffed and photographed…

Let’s talk about the winners!!

J.Q. (I’m not using full names without permission.) sent me several clever ideas, but I went with the easiest one, which was this quote from Martha Summerhayes.  I had already done a very similar design, and I just had to tweak it a little.  I love how this turned out!IMG_3617J.B. also had several suggestions, but my favorite was the suggestion to spell out a name or word using the phonetic alphabet.  Fortunately, J.B. has a very short last name, so I think it worked out well.  Because J.B. is very closely affiliated with the American Heart Association, I wanted to incorporate some hearts in the design.  So I worked 4 of them in there, and they represent the 4 members of her sweet family.  I like the simplicity of this one a lot!  Great idea, J.B.!IMG_3618

Finally, M.G. sent a long, heartfelt letter about the dear friends that she made with the spouses in her husband’s first unit.  I absolutely love it when people share positive military experiences–though I know sometimes the “good” is hard to mine, it IS in there–so remember it, talk about it, share it!!  M.G. and her “sisters” from that early experience are still very close friends, and she wanted a reminder of that special time.  So here it is!IMG_3616

By the time you read this, my custom pillow listing should be up on Etsy…just click this link!

There are so many things you can print on a pillow!  A unit crest. A name. A date. Commemorate an anniversary or a birth or a move or any important event.  Song lyrics.  Favorite line from a movie.  A quote from someone you admire.  I could go on and on.

And throw pillows, especially custom made, personalized pillows, make awesome gifts for just about any occasion you can think of.  Seriously, I can’t think of an inappropriate time to celebrate with a pillow gift.  It’s functional, it’s decorative, it’s meaningful, and it is thoughtful.  This is NOT a “check the block” gift!

The pillows are printed on canvas, in either white or natural color.  Envelope closure in the back, artwork on the front.  They are available in the following sizes:  11x11in, 16×16 in, 18x18in, and 12x18in.  They can be ordered with or without inserts–if you are like me, you probably already have some throw pillows that you would like to re-cover, so you can order just a case if that’s what you want.IMG_3620

Fabric, ink, pillow insert, printing, design–every single bit of these fabulous works of art is made in the U.S. of A.   And let me tell you, they are pretty. doggone. fabulous.

I am so excited because, not only do I have tags (!!! Really–I am loving the pillow tags a little more than might be considered healthy. It’s the little things, right?), but I am also really proud to put my tags on these.IMG_3621

Production time is about 2 weeks.  It takes a few days to do a custom design, and a few more to “make the magic happen,” and then, boom, your pillow is on its way to you!

Thanks, everybody, for your patience!!



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  1. Mary Kolasheski
    April 17, 2018 at 4:08 pm (2 years ago)

    I am interested in having a memory pillow made for our high school graduate. Are you still in the business of making the beautiful pillows?


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