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thumb2Wine makes a great gift for all occasions, but Christmas is a time when it never hurts to have a few extra bottles ready to go for special events or last minute gifts that are still thoughtful and unique.

Personalized wine labels are a must–they make even a grocery store purchase seem special.  If you have some good software and a nice printer, you can design your own and label some store bought wine.  If not, there are a few routes you can take to obtaining your own custom wine.

I am going to give you 3 options here for personalized wine-giving over the Holidays.  They range in order from “cheapest yet most labor intensive” to “most expensive yet easiest.”

Here we go!


This has got to be one of my favorite websites.

They have great templates for all kinds of things from tags to cards to stickers.  Business cards and invitations, too.  And they have wine labels that you can customize.

Just browse through their designs until you find one that you like, and fill in your information.  You’ll get a preview of exactly what your label will look like before you order, and even the option to have Evermine’s Design folks help you out if you need it.

Love the labels you created?  Well why not make some awesome matching hangtags to go with your labels?  Evermine has so many products in each “Template Family” that you can create invite cards, place cards, menus, tags, and thank-you cards that all match each other perfectly.  If you are looking to carry a cohesive theme through any event, I highly recommend Evermine for your formal and not-so-formal occasions.

They even have a sweet little tutorial to walk you right through the proper way to apply an adhesive backed wine label.




I’m not actually giving these to anyone, so I didn’t remove the original labels, just put mine right on top, which I do not recommend because you CAN see through them!


Cruise on over to my Etsy shop (Click here for the link!) and order some custom wine labels from me.  I have 6 Holiday Designs this season, and all of them have a space for personalized text and a unit crest.  Choose a design, and you’ll get 1 page of that design, personalized just for you, with 6 labels for $20—– AND each page (of the same design) after that is only $2!!!

Here are the 6 new Holiday Designs, and, yes, colors can be changed, text can be tweaked, extra lines of text can be added.  Just let me know what you want, and I will keep working on it until it’s exactly right!

Special thanks to Robin W. for “loaning” me the 10th Engineer Crest for these examples!

My designs can be printed on Kraft (brown) labels or White Matte Labels.   They are 4″x 3.33,” so they also fit nicely on a large jar candle (which you can usually find for only a buck at the dollar store), or you can affix them to one of those cute jars of homemade goodies.  I’m sure you all have plenty of other great ideas for wine label usage…..and, LUCKILY, my labels are free of rules, so stick ’em wherever you want!!


Hey, not everyone is a wine drinker.




Sometimes you just don’t want to design a label.  Heck, you don’t even want to go to the store to buy wine.  And you certainly don’t have time to sit down and affix individual labels to individual bottles for hours on end.  And there is a solution for that, too!!

Jenna Bell is an Independent Consultant for WineShop at Home, and she can do it all for you and ship it right to your front door.

Click here to check out Jenna’s Website.   Peruse the shop to see the excellent wine selection she has available, then contact her to discuss your label needs.  Bam, that’s it, wine that is personalized, labeled, and ready to hand out to recipients the moment it arrives at your door!

Here are some of the labels she has done in the past:

Jenna Crest

Nice Unit Crest Bottle

Jenna Customers

Two happy customers!

Jenna Heart of Gold Jenna SIP

She also puts together some really stunning gift baskets, so if you are looking for a very special, no-hassle,  wine-related gift, look up Jenna!

So there you go: 3 options for custom wine gifting– Something for everyone!  Remember, though, that it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to share some wine with a good friend!



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