Back on the Radar (Well, Almost!)

I have been hiding out for a while.  Off the grid.  Incommunicado.

December was crazy busy for me, which was a great thing, but something that I was not entirely prepared for.  I sold a lot of pillows on Etsy, and had a lot of fun doing it.

In January, things slowed way down, which was a good thing.  I needed a little break!  Then, something unexpected happened.  I had a company in another state that was printing my pillows for me, and they informed me that they were going to shut down operations for a while.

I looked all over for a company that could take over–no luck.  I was able to find a few places, but the cost of having one-off designs printed was really exorbitant.

So I started researching printing fabric.  And I bought a wide format printer.  Easy solution, right?

Not so fast.  I knew through my research that I needed a certain type of printer, and a certain type of ink.  But I found out on my own that I couldn’t print on just any fabric.  I found a supplier that offered limited types of pre-treated fabrics for printing. I learned to pretreat other types of fabric myself.  It has been a long process of trial and error, but I think I am finally figuring it all out.

In the meantime, I did need a creative outlet.  The West Point Spouses Club contacted me back in December to ask for a donation for their Casino Night in February.  I readily agreed, but that was before I knew:  A.  I was no longer going to have a printing company, and B.  I was not going to be very good at printing things myself by the time they needed my donation.

So I decided to make a pillow, and decorate it in another way.  When I was in college I liked to sew sequins on sweatshirts, and I thought maybe a pillow with sequins would look nice.  I came up with a design, and realized I wanted to put some Cadet Uniform buttons on the pillow, too.

Finding authentic West Point Uniform buttons is not an easy task.  I spent about a day on the internet searching Ebay and button manufacturers with no luck.

I mentioned this to my Mother in Law during a visit, and, in a stroke of good fortune, she was able to locate a box full of the exact buttons that I needed!  And these buttons were over 50 years old–she had been carrying them around the world since the early 60’s when she and my Father in Law were first married.

This pillow was going to be special.  I liked how it was turning out so much that I made 3 of them.  Each pillow has hand stitched sequins and decoration.  Vintage Buttons.  And they each took me about 6 hours to make, from start to finish.   One of them went to West Point, and will be up for auction tonight.  The two others are listed on my Etsy Site.  Each is numbered.  And I don’t think I will make any more of this design, so they are pretty exclusive. Each one is individually numbered.

Because they are so different from the other pillows that I offer, I decided to create a “sub-brand” name:  Distinctive Insignia.  I plan on doing limited run, hand embellished pillows every once in a while under that name.  So keep your eyes peeled!

You can see the listing by clicking right here>>Link to Pillow Listing



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  1. Sharon
    February 27, 2016 at 2:11 pm (4 years ago)

    Have you sold the other two? I would be very interested in one if not.


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